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Support for Parents & Caregivers

Parents and guardians of pediatric patients, and significant others, are essential members of a child's healthcare team. Our BMT Center provides services and support for the entire family.

As a team member, it is important to understand what is happening and what the options are so you can actively take part in decision making.

Ways to Participate in Your Child's Treatment

  • Learn about your child's illness and BMT. Talk to doctors, visit transplant centers, and contact other people and caregivers of kids who have had a BMT.
  • Search the internet. Look at websites specific to your child's disease, as well as general BMT web sites.
  • Refer to the Preparing For Your Child's Surgery page to help prepare yourself, your child, your family and friends.
  • Keep a notebook or journal to organize and manage information.Write down any questions that you want to ask the care team, and record the answers you receive.
  • Ask questions when you don't understand something.You may need to have information repeated or reworded.
  • Learn about all the options for your child's treatment.
  • Participate in the daily rounds of the clinical team for your child on the transplant unit. Ask any questions you have and be sure you feel you understand the plan of care.
  • Help your child follow through on their treatment plan and any lifestyle changes that are recommended.
  • Help your child complete daily personal care. During BMT, this will include mouth care, hygiene, central venous catheter care, nutrition, exercise, leisure activities, and getting dressed.

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