Pediatric Blood & Marrow Transplantation Center
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  • We've Been Doing Blood & Marrow Transplantation Since the Beginning.

    We performed the first BMT in 1968 and 50 years later, we are still delivering firsts in BMT therapy, excellence in treatment and patient care. Our Center is able to recruit the best medical professionals who, as a team, can carry on our pioneering legacy in research and clinical care to the transplantation process.

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  • We're Committed to Changing the Practice of Medicine.

    Our Center's research pushes science to discover innovative therapies that improves treatment and raises the standard for patient care. We are driven every day to find cures to fatal conditions that change how medicine is practiced and saves more lives.

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  • We’re moved by every family we touch.

    Meet Emily. She was the 20th Hurler patient to undergo the Intrathecal Enzyme Replacement clinical trial prior to transplant. Today, she is two years post-transplant. 

    "The best part was the relationships formed with the doctors. Dr. Orchard is awesome. I would email him and he would call right back to talk about it. You form relationships with people who truly understand you."

    -Anne Marie, Emily's Mother

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Choosing a BMT Program

We understand the difficult choices that parent's have to make when considering a blood and marrow transplant. Let us support you. We are here to help.

Innovative Therapies

photo of Dr. Tolar in the lab

The integral relationship between laboratory work and patient care drives our need to understand, improve and discover new treatments for the transplantation process.

A Team of Experts in BMT

Our entire team is focused on BMT. As a group, we have depth of expertise across a spectrum of leukemias, immune-deficiencies, inherited metabolic conditions, and bone marrow failure. This makes our Center different from most programs.

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We have been providing innovative care to children in need of a blood and bone marrow transplant for over 50 years. Call us, we're here to help.

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