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Play & Recreation

Play is an important part of treatment and recovery. It provides both patients and family a time to relax, have fun and share in activities. We have a number of 'play' spaces and activities dedicated to our patients and families that are both age and ability appropriate.

Generally, BMT patients must stay in their rooms due to compromised immune systems. However, siblings and visitors are welcome to use these spaces.

Bedside Play

Due to BMT patients' compromised immune systems, they will need to remain in their rooms. During these times, bedside play is always available. The inpatient BMT unit has a Toy/Activity Closet that caregivers can access at any time to pick out age appropriate toys, games and crafts for their child. For additional resources contact your child's Child-Family Life Specialist at 612-273-3124.

BMT Playroom

The BMT unit has a Playroom available to BMT patients and their siblings. It is divided into two spaces, one area for siblings and a smaller room within the Playroom for patients. BMT patients use the playroom when their blood cell counts are adequate. The Playroom is staffed by Care Partner Volunteers and has a wide range of toys, board games, and craft supplies for children of all developmental levels.

Sibling Support: SibShops

When a child is going through a transplant, the entire family is affected and a sibling’s world can also drastically change. The SibShops program is designed for siblings of children with serious conditions.

  • To help address the specific needs of siblings, the Child-Family Life Department holds SibShops throughout the school year to support siblings of patients ages 6-12. Sibshops combines information and discussion exercises with games and activities that encourage and facilitate peer support. Participants will meet other siblings, discuss common joys/concerns with their peers, learn how to handle situations they’ll commonly experience, and have FUN!
  • Sibshops is held the second Saturday of the month in September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May. You can register your child(ren) by calling the Child-Family Life office at 612-273-3124.

Interactive TV System and Computer

Each room has a sophisticated TV system that’s easy to use and includes:

  • A large screen TV with GetWellNetwork, an interactive TV system for patients which allows them to watch TV, play games, watch pre-loaded, kid-friendly Hollywood movies, surf the internet, video conference with friends/family or listen to music
  • A Blue-ray player which plays both DVD’s and Blue-ray DVD’s
  • A computer for patients and families to use
  • An HDMI port- if your child has a game system they would like to bring from home, it can be connected to the television as long as it has an HDMI connection site

Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (FRC) is located next to the hospital’s main lobby. In the FRC, you will find books, magazines, and DVD’s for children and adults. You can check-out these resources while your child is admitted and bring them to your room. The FRC also has:

  • Nintendo DS, Xbox, and Wii game systems and games (Xbox and Wii games) that are available for check out for a few days at a time. There are iPads loaded with child-friendly music and games that can also be checked out to your room.
  • Each week, the FRC creates a Family Newsletter. Be sure to check out this newsletter for all of the week’s events and FRC programming. You can find it in the FRC or at the Welcome Desk of the unit.

To learn more about the Family Resource Center, call 612-365-2100 or visit them! They are open Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am-4:40pm, Tuesday/Thursday 12pm-8pm and Saturday 10am-1pm.

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