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WiFi Info

Your family might find it helpful to bring a computer to the hospital from home, if you have one. Free Internet access is available for patients and their family members on the BMT Unit. Wireless access is available throughout the hospital. There is also a local arena network (LAN) on the BMT Unit. To use the LAN, your computer must have a working Ethernet card. However, we can not take responsibility for making sure your network device works or is able to access the Internet.

Wireless Internet Access

University of Minnesota Medical Center offers a guest wireless network. To connect to the Internet your computer must:

  • Have an 802.11 b/g wireless access card
  • Run Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.0, or a later version

With your computer on, you will be able to see the FV_GUEST network in the list of Wireless Network Connections available to you.

  • To access the wireless network, select FV_GUEST and click on the Connect button.
  • A warning about an unsecured connection may be displayed. Click Connect Anyway.
  • Open up Internet Explorer, click Yes when the security warning is displayed, and the Login screen for the wireless network will come up.
  • Log into the wireless network using the following:
    User ID: ummcguest
    Password: guestummc

NOTE: University of Minnesota Medical Center uses "filtering." This filtering will limit the Web sites available to you through the wireless network. This filtering limits access to sites that could contain or display objectionable material (use of weapons, pornography, etc.). It also blocks sites restricted by hospital policies (instant messaging, shopping, media streaming, etc.). Fairview is required by law to safeguard the hospital network to protect patient privacy.

Please understand that these filtering protocols apply to everyone who is using the University of Minnesota Medical Center's network to access the Internet. Exceptions will not be made for individuals.

Because of liability issues, University of Minnesota Medical Center cannot take any responsibility for making sure your wireless device works, or is able to access the Internet.

Will my own email account work?

If your email account is Web-based, it should work. Access to separate mail servers is blocked by the hospital firewall. You may want to set up a free Internet email account and forward your regular mail to that account for the length of your stay. There are many free email providers like Hotmail and Yahoo.


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