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Transplant Day

Day Zero

Transplant Day

The transplant will be given after your child has finished chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. During the transplant, the stem cells that have been collected will be given to your child. The stem cells are given through IV tubing connected to your child's central venous catheter and is similar to a blood transfusion. The transplant usually takes about an hour. The day of your child's transplant is called day zero.

Your child may be given medications before the transplant to help prevent side effects such as chills or nausea. Before, during, and after the transplant, your child's vital signs will be checked to monitor their condition.

If the transplant involves frozen cord blood or stem cells, your child may feel queasy and have an unusual taste in their mouth during the transplant infusion. Some people also notice an unusual body odor. These reactions are caused by a preservative used to protect the stem cells from damage when they're frozen. The taste and smell will go away in a few days.

After entering your child's bloodstream, the stem cells are able to find their way to their bone marrow. There they begin to grow and divide. In time, they make new red and white blood cells and platelets. It will be several weeks before the transplanted stem cells produce new blood cells. At this time the body is unable to produce white blood cells, which fight infection. This means a greater risk of infection. It is essential to watch for signs of possible infection such as a fever.

The time spent in the hospital following the transplant varies depending on each child's circumstances.

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