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Support Groups

We recognize that patients and family members need support in different ways at different times throughout the transplant process. In an effort to meet patients' and family members' needs, BMT social workers provide a variety of groups that focus on providing support and education related to BMT.

Outpatient Adult BMT Support Group

Support groups are open to adult BMT patients, their family members and friends. These groups provide an opportunity to exchange stories and helpful hints with others who share the BMT experience. Contact your BMT social worker for times and location.

Look Good, Feel Better Program

These groups are supported by the American Cancer Society and University of Minnesota Medical Center oncology social work services. The groups are open to adult and adolescent female BMT and oncology patients. Participants receive support and training focused on coping with the appearance changes related to treatments. Participants will receive a cosmetic kit with a value of over $50.00. This program is offered free of charge. Contact your BMT social worker for times and location.

Referral to Community Programs

Your BMT social worker is available to assist you in identifying and connecting with various support programs within your home community. We encourage you to talk with your social worker about your needs and questions related to resources and support.

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