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Staying Connected with Family & Friends

Family and friends can provide critical support and encouragement during treatment. Many families make use of technology to keep family and friends up-to-date during treatment.

Free Internet Access on the BMT Unit

Each patient room has a computer for your family to use. The computer has access to the internet, a webcam, DVD player and television capability. Free wireless Internet access is available throughout the hospital. Patients also have access to the Internet over their primary television using a system called the GetWellNetwork.

Wireless Internet Access

To connect to the guest wireless network:
With your computer on, you will be able to see the FV_GUEST network in the list of Wireless Network Connections available to you.

  • To access the wireless network, select FV_GUEST and click on the Connect button.
  • A warning about an unsecured connection may be displayed. Click Connect Anyway.
  • Open up Internet Explorer, click Yes when the security warning is displayed, and the Login screen for the wireless network will come up
  • Log into the wireless network using the following:
    User ID: ummcguest
    Password: guestummc

NOTE: The hospital uses "filtering." This filtering will limit the Web sites available to you through the wireless network. Filtering limits access to sites that could contain or display objectionable material (use of weapons, pornography, etc.). It also blocks sites restricted by hospital policies (instant messaging, shopping, media streaming, etc.). Fairview is required by law to safeguard the hospital network to protect patient privacy.

Will my own email account work?

If your email account is Web-based, it should work. Access to separate mail servers is blocked by the hospital firewall. You may want to set up a free Internet email account and forward your regular mail to that account for the length of your stay. There are many free email providers like Hotmail and Yahoo.

Video Conference Visits with Family and Friends

Being away from family, friends and school while your child is in the BMT Unit is difficult. Video conferencing lets you connect with family, school and friends from your hospital room to almost anywhere else in the world. There are multiple options available. Each hospital room has a Family All-in-One computer (PC/TV/webcam). We have a limited number of portable video carts. You may also use your own personal laptop or tablet (iPad is the only tablet currently supported).

If you would like to maintain a connection with your school, it is a good idea to explore this service before coming to the hospital. Please notify your care team if you are interested.

Steps to follow to establish a videoconference:

  1. Using a computer, register for a personal video conference room (V-room) at this link:
    It will prompt you to provide a name, phone number and email address for yourself and anyone else with whom you would like to communicate.
  2. You will receive an email from our partner, Video Guidance, that contains:
    • Your personal login information and V-room number;
    • Links to download a program named Jabber for PC, Mac or iPad;
    • Installation instructions; and
    • Contact information for our 24/7/365 helpdesk (next page for more info).

It may take up to two hours to process the V-room request and send you the necessary email and software to get started. You may add additional people to your list at any time.

If using the family computer located in each hospital room, that computer will also need to be registered using the patient/family’s email address to receive the Jabber software. The portable teleconference cart does not need to be registered—just enter your V-room number.

Please contact our Helpdesk with any questions concerning Video Conferencing

Calls us via telephone anytime:
Local Call - 952.400.2580
Toll Free - 1.866.433.2240

Call us via video conference M-F (8am-5pm):
Using Jabber V-room number: 6411

Keep in Touch with CaringBridge

While certain online community networks may not be available due to hospital internet restrictions, patients can always keep friends and family informed and connected through CaringBridge. CaringBridge is a nonprofit organization that offers free Web pages to those receiving care in hospitals. You can develop your own web page, provide updates and allow friends and family to leave messages for you. It also lets you communicate more easily so all your family and friends know what is happening at the same time. To protect the privacy of our patients and staff, please do not identify other patients or health professionals on your CaringBridge site.

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