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Spiritual Health

Facing a disease and choosing to have a BMT is a demanding process—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is a life-changing experience for your child, you and for your family. The journey through sickness to healing and well-being is very challenging.

Through interfaith ministry to patients, families, and staff, our chaplains are dedicated to helping patients sustain and deepen their relationships with the sacred and with other people.
The chaplains regard patient and family cultures, beliefs, value systems, and spiritual and faith practices as important resources for healing and well-being. During times of stress, crisis, and life threatening illness, there may be moments when patients and loved ones are seeking the sacred—trying to find meaning, hope, and peace in new or familiar ways.

Our Chaplains Offer

  • A listening and caring presence
  • Spiritual and emotional support and counsel
  • Prayer, blessing services, rituals, worship experiences, and sacraments
  • Assistance in ethical decision making
  • Inspirational and educational resources
  • Coordination with leaders of various faith communities
  • Complementary therapies (Healing Touch and meditation)

Center for Sprituality & Healing

In addition to the support our staff and chaplains may offer you, the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality & Health may provide further care. The Center is a world-renowned resource that enhances health and well-being by educating health professionals, empowering consumers, and fundamentally transforming the delivery of health care through the creation of interdisciplinary academic, research, clinical care, and outreach programs that advance integrative health and healing.

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