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Dr. Michael Verneris American Cancer Society Video

The American Cancer Society's mission of supporting the best and brightest researchers in the beg

Stem cell 101: What is a Stem Cell?

Learn about stem cells and their potential in the transplantation process and how they make trans

Fundraising Makes Adopt-A-Rooms Possible At ‘U’ Children’s Hospital

The University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital is truly unique in how it delivers care t

Historic Cord Blood Transplant Could Cure HIV/AIDS

What happened at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital on Tuesday could be a br

Cord Blood Treatment May Fulfill Baseballer’s Dreams

Amplatz Children's Hosptial will be conducting the first ever cord blood transplant soon.

Blazing Research Trails At ‘U’ Children’s Hospital

"When you send your child to a hospital that specializes in children’s care, you expect to have t

Child With Rare Affliction Has Stem Cell Transplant

"There are kids that live every day with unimaginable pain.

Girl, 3, Finds Her ‘Perfect Match’ Bone Marrow Donor

"Addy Brynteson had a rare blood disorder.

Florida State Coach’s Son Treated For Fanconi Anemia At Amplatz

"Before celebrating the BCS National Championship Monday night, Florida State’s head coach was ce

Children with rare skin disease find help in Minnesota

Eleafar Xelhua arrived in Minnesota eight months ago with a goal more humble than those of most 1

Real-Life Superheroes Donned Capes at Children's Hospital

The hospital held its fourth annual "My Superhero Day" Thursday afternoon to celebrate the superh

University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital video 'Brave' goes viral

Two nurses at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital had an idea.

Minnesota to Resume Umbilical Cord Blood Donations

Donating umbilical cord blood — a rich source of lifesaving stem cells — hasn’t been an option fo

I Get Better. Every Day.

Learn Jakub Tolar's secret to managing the mental intensity of science and clinical medicine.

Stem Cell Research gets a Multimillion-Dollar Boost at the Capitol

In addition to being an MD in the University of Minnesota's BMT program,

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