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Dr. Michael Verneris American Cancer Society Video

The American Cancer Society's mission of supporting the best and brightest researchers in the beginning of their careers has impacted our Center's

Stem cell 101: What is a Stem Cell?

Learn about stem cells and their potential in the transplantation process and how they make transplant safer and improve outcomes.

Fundraising Makes Adopt-A-Rooms Possible At ‘U’ Children’s Hospital

The University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital is truly unique in how it delivers care to kids, including building private, customized rooms that help kids heal by using research, input from families and smart room technology.

Historic Cord Blood Transplant Could Cure HIV/AIDS

What happened at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital on Tuesday could be a breakthrough treatment that will change the course o

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First Battle with ALD

Patient: Sean Suppan, 4 years old
Parents: Ellen and David Suppan
Siblings: Ashling and David Suppan
Hometown: Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
Primary Physician: Paul Orchard, M.D.

"In 2003, after a lot of doctor visits, we were told that my other son David had ALD. He was 7. I had no family history, but it has to start somewhere. Back then, there was nothing we could do for him. Within 3 months, he was in a bedridden state, and then went to a vegetative state, and he was like that for 4 years. David passed away in October 2006. We miss him but were relieved he was no longer hurting."

Story by Ellen Suppan
Sean Suppan's Story | Adrenoleukodystrophy
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First Signs

Patient: Trenise McAfee, 7 years old
Parents: Shauna Newborn and Allen McAfee
Siblings: Precious and Tranell McAfee
Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota
Primary Physician: Margaret MacMillan, M.D.

"When Trenise was two, she used to snore real loud. I wanted to get her adenoids removed. Every time I went to the doctor, her white count was low, so they couldn't do it. At one point, Trenise got so sick she couldn't fight it. We were in Memphis, and they started running tests. She was taking shots to help her white count, but that didn't help. They diagnosed her with Fanconi anemia. I had never heard of it. Fan-who?"

Story by Shauna Newborn
Trenise McAfee's Story | Fanconi Anemia
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Similar Stories

The Butts Family 
Parents: Michelle and Louis Butts

The Craig Family
Parents: Amanda and Trampus Craig

Our sons Brinley and LB were both diagnosed with Hurler syndrome (MPS I) when they were 9-months-old and underwent treatment at the University of Minnesota.

Story by By Michelle Storm Butts & Amanda Craig
Two Moms Become Inseparable Friends | Hurler Syndrome
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Rare Genetic Skin Disorder

Patient: Keric Boyd, 6 years old
Parents: Krista and Kevin Boyd
Siblings: Kendall and Kacey Boyd
Hometown: Nixa, Missouri
Primary Physician: Jakub Tolar, M.D., Ph.D.

"Keric was born with a rare genetic skin disorder where his DNA is missing anchoring fibers that layer the skin together. Any little pressure to his skin will cause large painful blisters to form. The sores are treated like second degree burns and need daily maintenance."

Story by Krista Boyd
Keric Boyd’s story | Epidermolysis Bullosa

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Meet John Wagner, M.D.

Meet John Wagner, M.D., director of the Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Center at the University of Minnesota.

Meet Paul Orchard, M.D.

Meet Paul Orchard, M.D., one of the pediatric blood and marrow transplant physicians at the University of Minnesota.

Meet Weston Miller, M.D.

Meet Weston Miller, M.D., one of the pediatric blood and marrow transplant physicians at the University of Minnesota.

Meet Angela Smith, M.D.

Meet Angela Smith, M.D., one of the pediatric blood and marrow transplant physicians at the University of Minnesota.

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The Ronald McDonald House has 48 rooms for families and is two blocks from University of Minnesota Medical Center and University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital.

Families can stay together and join a community of support at The Ronald McDonald House – Oak Street while their children go through transplant. Families who have made the House their temporary home tell you about their experiences staying at the House.

Ronald McDonald House

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