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Margaret MacMillan, M.D., M.Sc.

Professor, Division of Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplantation

Dr. MacMillan

“I’m part of an extraordinary team who is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients and their families.

We have the optimal research environment allowing innovative BMT therapies to be brought directly from the lab to patients, giving them the best chance for a cure."

Dr. MacMillan’s research focuses on developing new therapeutic strategies to reduce the early side effects of blood and marrow transplantation. She is an expert in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of acute graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) and a leader in clinical trial design to study novel agents for GVHD. Dr. MacMillan is an international known expert in hematopoietic cell transplantation for patients with Fanconi anemia. She is the co-director of the University of Minnesota Fanconi Anemia Comprehensive Care Program, which follows the largest number of Fanconi anemia patients in the world. Dr. MacMillan is also the Clinical Medical Director of the Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Program at the University of Minnesota. She serves on many national committees including the American Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation where she is the director-at-large.


Medical School: University of Toronto
Masters of Science: University of Toronto
Residency: University of Toronto (Pediatrics)
Fellowships: University of Toronto School of Medicine (Hematology/Oncology and Blood and Marrow Transplantation); University of Minnesota (Blood and Marrow Transplantation)

Clinical & Research Interests

Dr. MacMillan's research focuses on the development and implementation of novel therapeutic strategies for preventing the early toxicities of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. She is the principal investigator of many Phase I and II clinical trials in the field of blood and marrow transplantation. Along with a team of basic scientists and cellular therapy experts at the University of Minnesota, she is studying the safety and efficacy of inducible T regulatory cells (iTregs) to prevent and treat graft-versus-host disease. Dr. MacMillan is the principal investigator of the world’s first clinical trial to prevent GVHD with iTregs. Dr. MacMillan, along with other members of the care team, has devised novel approaches to transplanting patients with Fanconi anemia, greatly improving the outcomes for these patients.

Publications and Awards

A Selection of Recent Publications and Awards


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Blood. 2009 Mar

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Best Doctors in America (2008-2013)
Best Abstracts Award, Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research (2009)

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