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Common Late Effects of Transplant

Things to Watch For

Advanced therapies over the past 40 years have resulted in continuous improvement in survival rates for children and young adults with life-threatening illnesses. This growth in survivorship has led to the identification and understanding of the unique health and psychological needs of survivors of blood and marrow transplantation. The University of Minnesota is a leader in the study and treatment of these long-term after effects of disease.

Survivors of childhood cancer and stem cell transplantation may face problems, also called late effects, related to their original disease process, prior treatment, or both.

Late Effects Include:

  • Cardiopulmonary (heart dysfunction, decreased lung volume)

  • Endocrine (growth and fertility)

  • Musculoskeletal (stunted bone growth, joint problems)

  • Second malignancies

  • Neurocognitive (learning disabilities, visual motor skills, memory loss)

  • Psychological (depression, post-traumatic stress)

  • Dental (caries, gum disease)

These may develop soon after therapy or as much as 20-30 years later. Some effects may be identified during childhood or adolescence, while others may present in adulthood and become chronic health issues.

Talk with your primary physician about any concerns you have or changes in your child's well-being following treatment. Along with our staff in the Long-Term Follow-up Clinic we can evaluate your child's condition to ensure that the best long term care plan is provided.

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