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Patient and Family Testimonials

"These are your kids. You want to get them to the best place possible."

We understand success rates, experience and types of procedures are key factors in choosing the right blood and marrow transplant program for your family. Patients and families continue to share with us why they chose the Blood and Marrow Transplant Program at University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital.

An appreciative family shares their experience in a video

Simon's family created a video of his journey with the Blood and Marrow Transplant Program that features many of his "dynamite" care team:

Families describe our caring staff and programs:

"I love the doctors here. And everyone is nice and friendly ... nurses, aides, everyone."

– Patient (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma)

"The thing that was most helpful to me before we came was the meeting with the social worker. The social worker we met with has been awesome. If I want something done, she knows everything. We got so much information from her and [she] has been the one consistent thing. She has a broad understanding of the program."

– Mother of 15-year-old (leukemia)

"We have met a lot of caring doctors and nurses. They do their best. That is what has helped me the most."

– Mother of 15-year-old (leukemia)

"They were all so good to me and I don't know if I would have made it without them."

– Patient (Fanconi Anemia)

"I think their Care Partners program was the best thing for me. I came when she had her transplant. That was our first time. The Care Partners ladies have been wonderful. Their Child-Life people are awesome."

– Mother of infant (Osteopetrosis)

"[They] try to do everything to make it easier on us because it is a very tough time."

– Mother of infant (Osteopetrosis)

Families describe our expertise and successful results:

"I looked it up and found that Dr. Orchard serves as the main protocol expert for the disease, so we knew we had to get her here. He was the most experienced. He's done the most transplants. He did the first transplant for a kid with [this condition]."

– Mother of infant (osteopetrosis)

"The family we knew just raved about Doctor Wagner. We went and did the research. At [another clinic] they have a Fanconi thing, but they don't have the success rate of this place. So this is it. For that particular diagnosis, this is the best place to be in the world."

– Mother of 8-year-old (Fanconi Anemia)

"I think their specialties of the rare diseases [stands out]. They don't only treat cancer. They treat a lot of the genetic metabolic diseases. People should be aware that this is probably the best place for that."

– Mother of infant (Osteopetrosis)

"Looking online, talking with the doctors and finding out that they are in communication with lots of other places around the country and the world. People come here from all over. Then we started thinking we're here [local] and this is one of the best places for the type of thing he has."

– Mother of 15-year-old (Leukemia complication)

"We are not going to go someplace where they are doing Dr. Orchard's protocol; we are going to where Dr. Orchard is."

– Mother of infant (Osteopetrosis)

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