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Children's Cancer Research Fund - Finding a Cure for Childhood Cancer

The Children's Cancer Research Fund is dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer by providing funds to the University of Minnesota for research and training relating to the prevention, treatment and cure of childhood cancer. The organization also educates the public about childhood cancer and supports quality-of-life programs for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Children's Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) focuses on supporting pioneering research initiatives that lead to larger studies, clinical trials and improved methods of treating childhood cancer. Ultimately, it will be the breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment that help prevent childhood cancer.

Pioneering Unique Cures for Kids (PUCK)

Collaborating with CCCRF is a new non-profit organization established to raise funds for rare diseases. PUCK was established to give hope where there wasn't any before. PUCK recognizes rare diseases and aims to cross each one off the incurable list, one at a time.

Make a donation or find out more by visiting CCRF at or PUCK at

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